And I will bury my soul in a scrapbook, with the photographs there and the moths.
~Leonard Cohen

Monday, October 18, 2010

Follow Your Heart

My best friend will be moving back to New Jersey next Monday.=( She is born and raised there. Well she has reached a point in her life when NJ is calling for her again. She is engaged! To a childhood friend, they have known each other since they were LITTLE LITTLE, never felt romantically about each other, she moved here in her early twentys, hadn't seen each other in over 7 yrs, he flew out here and they INSTANTLY connected, dated and then he proposed, well now it's time for her to be alittle closer to him. She is a bit nervous about the move.

I made her this layout, of her and her fiance. I thought the title was perfect for what her emotions are right now. I know she will be happy there, I will truly miss her. She's been thru sooooo much with me, she's stuck with me thru my crazy times, she dealt with me, my heart aches, my ups, my downs, my embarrassing moments, she was my ULTIMATE secret keeper:p, when I was mad, she was mad with me, when I was sad, she was there to bring me up. There won't ever be another gal that could take her place. No matter how many thousands of miles she may be from me, she will always be in my heart.

All papers are from Glitz "Distressed Couture". Love the chipboard stickers!

I used a doiley on this one along with a neat technique as to altering it, per the very talented doiley fanatic Tara Orr.=) I painted it w/ acrylic paint, love the look, so rich in color.

Ever since I learned to make this super easy flower, I seem to be stuck on them. If I don't have a coordinating Prima bloom for my project, I don't fret any longer, just take a sec and make one of these! Thanks Gabbi for the tutorial!!

I have shadow boxed this layout and it's ready to give to her.=)

Hope you all enjoyed this one!
Have a great night! Off to clean the dishes, put laundry away and head to bed.
Night everyone.


Bonnie aka Cinnabon said...

what a beautiful layout, Karen! I am sure your friend will cherish it forever. What a cool love story!

Jolanda said...

amazing work Karen!!very beautiful!!and sad to hear!!!but when she's in your heart,she is always very close..:)!
Have a nice day.

Cindy Gay said...

Great job. Like the ornament and the doily.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome LO and I am with you on gabbis tutorials...your flowers look divine, sorry you are losing your friend to the miles :)

Stay True To God said...

What an AWESOME gift Karen!!! I absolutely LOVE the colors you went with and the words are PERFECT!! She'll cherish it I'm sure as she does your friendship!! I hope the two of you can stay close by phone and letters!!

God bless & big hugs... Tracy

pamela said...

I love this layout. I did one similar for my daughter and her boyfriend. This is one of the most beautiful layous I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing.


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