And I will bury my soul in a scrapbook, with the photographs there and the moths.
~Leonard Cohen

Monday, December 13, 2010

My Dream**IOD**

Ok it's 10:50 pm, I should be tucked away in bed but I'm not because I napped this afternoon and now I have to suffer the consequences for that ation..Grr!
I said I would be back to share something else with you.

Here's a design team layout I made for IOD, using the "Loolah" collection.

I made my own flowers, sprinkling them with Diamond Dust. =) I used some of the Loolah rhinestone brads as the centers for the 2 smaller flowers.

Here's are a couple of closeups on the cardstock stickers.
*For my title, I used one of the alpha sticker sheets, which if you look closely, you're really suppose to peel off just the letters and use them for your title, but I LOVED the small print that completed the title so I just cut out the whole square from the sheet, making it my title.=)

Products used: Paper: Loolah Collection (25559),(25576),(25558),(25560),(25555); Pearls & Brads (26501),(26500); Cardstock stickers (26503),(25567),(25568),(26504); Die Cut Journaling Pad(26505)

Ok ladies That is all! Now off to bed and hopefully fall asleep soon!
Thanks for visiting!


Jolanda said...

Very beautyiful work!!!Amazing flowers!!

Cindy Gay said...

That's pretty with lots of nice details. Particularly like the dotted swiss paper.


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