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~Leonard Cohen

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stuck?! Sketck Reveal--February 1st

Alright, a whole nother month has gone by! On Friday, the little man in my life will be 3...THREE!!! This is nuts, sad, crazy,exciting, sad, nuts!! SAD! yeah basically SAD! =( After 3 it's all a blur..I know this because thats how it was for my daughter and now she is 7! My little man has grown so fast...I love him for his HUGE heart, his helpfullness, his security, curiosity, happiness...but mostly because he has this bond with me like none other that I could have ever imagined. He's MY little man and for that I will be forever blessed.

Ok ok enough and about that studly little's the Feb. 1st Stuck?! Sketch.

My take:
Papers are from Pink Paislee "Mistletoe & Co."
Check out the gorgeous new Petaloo Chantilly blooms, so pretty!

I am also pleased to announce that I will be staying with Stuck?! Sketches for another term! Thanks for the opportunity Sara!! To check out the rest of the CT(a bunch of new faces) click HERE!!=)

To check out what the CT did with this sketch, click HERE. =)
Hope you all have a great night!


Jolanda said...

wow.beautiful L/O!!!nice picture!!
My daughter just terned into 3...ooohhh men...they grow up so (to) fast...
Have a nice day friday!!

Jasmine S said...

Beautiful papers and that touch of twine for the bow looks gorgeous. Not too much, not too little. The flowers are stunning also.

Felicity said...

wow, 3, you ahve a big little man then. lol
Love that page and what you have done with the sketch.
Its great working alongside you on Stuck?!
Oooh, totally love your blog too.

Nadia Cannizzo said...

Yeah I understand excatly how you feel. My oldest is 4 and my youngest is 2..and yes..time is going past too quickly! I guess because they dont have that many milestones to reach..I dont know. This is such a beautiful layout. LOVE IT!!Love the flowers..the paper, everything! SO happy to be working with you at Stuck! Take care, NAdia.

missusem said...

Hi Karen.. good job on the layout! Love it.. I know exactly how you feel about your son.. my baby boy is going to be a mummy's boy too i think.. He's stolen my heart completely.. u know?

So happy we wil be playing together on Stuck..

Melinda said... gorgeous! Love how you all the distressing and how cute is that photo! I know I have a little boy who is nearly 4!!! Where does time go! Congrats on another term with Stuck...looking forward to creating along with you! Take care and hope you had a great day! xx

Michelle said...

Karen, your LO is gorgeous! I too hear you on it being a sad day!! I can completely relate. My littlest just turned 4 about 6 wks. ago. Cute story.. I took him in for a hair cut about a month before his birthday. The beautician asked him how old he was. He told her, and then told her he had a birthday coming and that is was going to be a sad day. She looked at me funny. It took her a second for her to realize that I was sad he was growing up. Mine is a Mama's boy as well. My daughter is a Mama's girl though, too. I like it!! :)

Congrats on another term with Stuck!!

MONICA said...

Saludos desde Spain.


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