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~Leonard Cohen

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bo Bunny Layout & Card Challenge

So this month I decided to play along with both of the current Bo Bunny challenges-layout & card.
I have been sooo head over heels for their new Gabrielle line that I bought a boat load from Stay True to God...I mean a BOAT LOAD! And I can't seem to stop playing with it ;)

Here is the layout I made for the layout challenge.
The theme was "what's in your purse?". So I took a picture of my current day-to-day purse, along with some of the MUST HAVES to have in my purse.
I HAVE to have my phone or I feel completely naked and lost without it, my Burt's Bees lotion and chapstick(they're so good to me.). A nail file..god forbid I break a nail and can't file it smooth....I'd just bite the whole thing off, I hate jagged nails. A bottle of hairspray..MUST HAVE! Need to keep my flyaways under control. Lastly a clip...just in case I need to put it up. =)
Products Used: Collection(Bo Bunny "Gabrielle") Papers: #12GR554, #12GU578, #12GE516, #12CHD639, #12GCO585, #12G486; 12x12 Cardstock stickers #10GC875; Layered Chipboard #LCG434.

Here is the card I made for the Bo Bunny card challenge.I created this based on their card sketch provided.

Products Used:
Collection (Bo Bunny "Gabrielle")Papers; #12GU578, #12GL530, #12GF523, #12GE516; 12" Chipboard #BO-CBG373.

Alright, this is all for now. .. Time for some beef fajitas, mexican ricem black beans w/ some good ol' movie watching...oh and topping it off with some Root Beer floats!
Life is GOOOOOD!
♥ Karen


Nadia Cannizzo said...

Hi Karen! Oh I am in love with Gabrielle too..Love it! I also have bought a whole heap too..LOL! I so love what you have done here! FANTASTIC! Love whats in you bag too lol.

Jolanda said...

Gabrielle line is so beauiful and i LOVE your L/O!!So nice the "girl"things!!
And your vard is very sweet!
Beautiful work,like always!!
Have a nice day!

Chloe :-) said...

Super gorgeous!!! LOVE the splashes of pink in the LO and the bow on the card - just so sweet!!!

Cheryl said...

Super cute bag girl! I like all your girly things you carry with you too lol. What movie you watching tonight?

carlies said...

yehhh Gabrielle line is amazing and so your layout and card to

and have a very great day

hugs carla

JULIANA said...

Both of these are beautiful! Thanks for playing along with the Bo Bunny Challenges!


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