And I will bury my soul in a scrapbook, with the photographs there and the moths.
~Leonard Cohen

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My very first blog followed by my very first post!

Ok so I caved! After receiving a message saying I should create a blog to show my work, I said hmmm I had been considering it. I went to bed and literally slept on it. And this morning did it! Thank you Vicky{SimplyPaper} for the push=)

So I have noticed that MAKING flowers is taking the scrapbooking world by storm. And I have been dabbling my feet in it, and it's so much fun! I created this beauty last night out of fabric.

My very FIRST fabric bloom!
It was quite easy too! I followed a tutorial I found online and I just embellished the center with pearls...{my newest addiction}. Here's the link....Fabric Bloom Tutorial


Angelica said...

Hi Karen!!! Welcome to blogdom!!!!! Looks great and your flower is amazing!! I'm your first follower..YAY!!!

Jodi said...

HELLLLLLOOOOO Ms. Karen!!!!!! Yay, you got it work!!! LOVE the flower!! One thing I can't do is...SEW!! LOL But I bet my mom could make that!! LOL CONGRATS ON THE BLOG!!!!!!

Darien said...

Hi Karen!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy you have a blog!!!!! Thanks for visiting me it made my day!!!! I Love the flowers!!! you did beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

You did amazing with this flower and with the blog Karen!! Congratulations!!!!


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