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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hello Card**Step-by-Step & Flower Tutorial**

This weekend was that of a dreary one...cold, dark and full of the middle of Spring! CRAZY! So I stayed indoors and in between laundry loads I scrapped to my hearts content.

I made a card using the Bo Bunny Timepiece Collection along with a few Fiskars punches.
Here is a step-by-step on how to recreate the design of this card.

Step 1.
Cut cardstock to 8Lx5W. Score middle to make crease in card, fold in half.

Step 2.
Choosing 3 coordinating patterned papers...cut one to 4Lx5W, the second to 3 1/4Lx4 1/4W, and lastly the last cut to 2x2. Adhere the largest piece to the face of your card, layering the 2nd largest in the center.

Step 3.
Cut a strip of cardstock measuring 2 1/4Lx5W. Using a corner punch as a border punch, punch both sides. I used the Fiskars Corner Lever Circles. Just be sure to remove the guards and be careful to match up your last punch precisely so your design looks neat.

Step 4.
Adhere strip to center of card, embellishing with ribbon, lastly adding the 2x2 square on top.

Step 5.
Adhere flower to center of square. And stamp your sentiment on the bottom center. TADA! You're done!
Products Used: Papers(Bo Bunny Timepiece) #12th639, #12tco707, #12td615; Tools: Fiskars Punches: Xtra Lrg Squeeze "Seal of Approval" #01-03776, Medium 1 inch "Poppy" Lever #01-005470, Corner Lever "Circles" #01-005486; Other: pearls, ribbon & sentiment stamp.

**For my card, I used a handmade bloom.** There are many times that I see wonderful flower tutorials and think..well darnit I don't have those flower here is a tutorial to recreate a bloom everyone is familiar with but might not have the same punches.

Here is the tutorial.
You will need:
*scalloped circle punch
*any flower punch with at least 5-6 petals.
I used the Fiskars Xtra Lrg "Seal of Approval" and Fiskars Medium "Poppy" Punches.

Step 1.
Punch out 2 scalloped circles and 5 smaller flowers.

Step 2.
Taking both your scalloped circles, simply draw in petals. As many as you'd like, I chose to do.

Step 3.
Cut the petals on both your scalloped circles, ink the center of them. Lightly mist with water and scrunch them up to achiever a more dimensional look.

Resulting in with this look.

Step 4.
For the center of your bloom, take the 5 smaller flowers, cut in between each scallop almost to the center. Taking one flower, scrunch it up in the same manner, using very tacky glue, adhere it to another flower.

Then scrunch those 2 upwards, then glue those 2 to a 3rd flower and do the same until you're all done with all 5 flowers. This is what it will look like when you're done.

Step 5.
Adhere your small bloomt to the center of your large bloom. Now you have yourself a pretty little bloom without fancy flower punches. =)

Well I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you and I hope you find inspiration within it one way or another.

Now off to eat a grapefruit! YUM!
And to fold yet another load of laundry...story of a wife's life. ;)
♥ Karen


Dara Lynn said...

Gorgeous card Karen!!!!!! I can't tell you how much I appreciate you showing the step by step process of creating this card....down to the flower and corner punch border!!!! For me, it is Krazy Kewl to see how basic punches in my stash can become something beautiful! Smooch!

Vicky Alberto said...

Love how you used a basic punch for this awesome flower!


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