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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Retro Flower Tutorial

Ok so I have been making alot of these little flowers lately using my Retro Flower Punch. Its an easy and fast way to make coordinating flowers for your project.

Here's the tutorial for you ladies to try out. My 6 year old daughter can make these!!...goes to show these are very easy.

Gather Your Supplies:
-Large Retro Flower Punch
-Medium Retro Flower Punch
-Pen, stylus, anything with a round tip
-Diamond Dust & Glossy Accents(Optional)

**Punch 2 large flowers and 1 medium flower.
1. Use the end of your pen/tool to curl the petals inward, do this to all petals on all 3 flowers.

2. This is what your flowers should look like after you're done.

3. Glue one large flower on top of the other large flower, making sure that the petals are not uniform with each other. Then glue the medium flower right on top. Like this...

4. You can be done at the last step can do one last thing to it. Dab some Glossy Accents on the ends of the petals, dip it in Diamond Dust and tada!!

Then it'll look like this..

Just simply add a center such as a brad, pearl or button and you're done.
It's as simple as that!
Give it a try!


Michelle said...

This is so cool and easy!! I will have to make a bunch of these.. I can cut those out with my Slice... seriously, I don't have any flower punches!! LOL

Vicky Alberto said...

cool flower!


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